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Proem Press was founded in 2006. Its aim is to make available innovative contemporary poetry in both prose and verse.


Proem Press has published one full-length volume of poetry, bill (2007), three chapbooks of poetry, To Frankenstein My Father (2007), The Ice Ship and Other Vessels (2008), and Calamity, (2009), a poetry anthology, 13 Younger Contemporary American Poets (2010), and an online essay, The Poem Has Reasons (2008).


Our Advisory Editors may propose manuscripts they deem outstanding at any time.


Proem Pressís chapbooks are mailed to reviewers and editors of leading periodicals free of charge to introduce new work of high quality to a larger audience


Josie Sigler, author of our third chapbook, Calamity, has since won the 2010 Motherwell Prize. Her book, Living Must Bury, will be published by Fence Books. 


Proem Press does not accept
unsolicited manuscripts.


Nin Andrews

Thomas Sayers Ellis

Tony Hoagland

Mark Irwin

Claudia Keelan

David Lazar

Bin Ramke

Donald Revell

Andrew Wessels,
Editorial Asst.
William Rector,
Publisher & Founding Editor

Bill Book
by Bill Rector
The Ice Ship & Other Vessels
The Ice Ship &
Other Vessels

by Andrew Allport
Frankenstein My Father
To Frankenstein
My Father

by Cody Todd
by Josie Sigler
13 Younger Contemporary American Poets
13 Younger  Contemporary American Poets

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