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Draw something, Mrs. Cameron tells her small students, opening the window. We have time. Soon finger paintings flutter in a breeze. All have a stick figure, a flower, and a spiky sun. There are large words, some of which, like dandelion, children in their first class have heard. Others, such as metamorphosis, march around their comprehension like the posters of perfect alphabets above the molding. In past years, Mrs. Cameron says, back still turned, she would have sent home stories. This year, she is sending words. She turns. She once believed that stories are built from words. But she is older. She has learned that words are bigger than stories. Words are the biggest things in the world. Last week, she saw one of her first students, now a doctor. Imagine! On their own, words grow into stories, some very long - she spreads her arms – some short. Say them once, and they’re over. For the summer, she is giving them words to learn. That way, they will have stories to tell their teachers next year, and the year after, for as long as they live.

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