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A doctor’s outside interest?

Are you serious?

If that’s what you’ve jotted


on your application

for a higher position, Bill,

cross it out. Not unconvinced? 


Erase what you’ve written. 

Scrawl in fat, block letters,

Sports. Better yet, Skydiving. 


No one will ask if it’s true.

But if they do, mention the time

the first ripcord failed -


then the second.

How all night

you signaled the world


by tapping a wire

of the relay

antenna that spiked


through your heart. Trust me.

They’ll see sparks. 

They’ll remember what you say


as if it had happened to them,

then nod wisely when you tell

how, over many years,


you made your way

back to earth,

using nothing but your tongue.


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